Community Groups

What is a Community Group?

Community groups are a place where we make personal connections with other people who are on the same faith journey. We gather to laugh with, encourage, pray for, and grow in our understanding together. It is where we seek to live out our identity as disciples on mission. 

Community groups are 1-1.5 hours and meet in various parts of our community. Come as you are. You don't need to already know anything or anyone or dress in a certain way. You will be welcomed and loved exactly where you are.

Why Community Groups?

God made us social creatures who long for connections. While we all have Facebook "friends" and social media "followers," real connections are harder and harder to make. At Immanuel, we believe that discipleship (being a growing follower of Jesus) happens through relationships.

How can I get connected?

Feel free to email or call/text, or just come!

College and Young Adult Group, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (every other week) at the church:

(Group leaders: Butch and Bekah Dettmer,; 518-258-1222)

Monday Prayer Group, 9:00 am at the church:

(Group leader: Donna Dorsey,; 518-817-1413)

Schodack Community Group, 6:30 pm at the Church:

(Group leader: Kevin Booth,  

Daytime Community Group, 10:45 am at the church:

(Group leader: Pastor Brad Guenther,; 518-336-5154)

Averill Park Community Group, 6:30 pm via Zoom only: 

(Group leader: Scott Bieg,; 518-312-0245 ):

Thursday Women's Group, 6:30 pm (1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of the month) at the church:

(Group leader: Jen Rexius,; 248-756-7080)

(On hiatus until September 15th)

Thursday Men's Group, 5:30 dinner and 6:15-7:30 pm Bible Study (2nd Thursday of every month) at the church:

(Group leader: Jerry Hill,; 518-727-9031) Dinner will be provided by Jerry Hill and Wes Petrone. The cost for dinner is $7 and more details will be sent out by Jerry.

Friday Ignite and Ignite Discipleship (Gr.6-12), every Friday 6:30-8:30 pm at the church:

(Group leader Sherry West,; 518-322-1690)