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We know that you love your kids. We want you to know that we love your kids too. The goal of our children’s ministry is to hide God’s Word in their hearts in a way that is fun, age appropriate and formational. Our program is led by Melissa Sanchez, Ph.D. and it is designed to walk the children over the life of the program through the whole Bible. Our program is led by some of the most qualified and dedicated people you can find anywhere. Every worker in our children’s department has gone through training and a background check. Your child will never be alone with any children’s volunteer.

Our children’s ministry includes children from 2 years old – Grade 5:

  • During the 10:30 am worship service, children 2 years old - 1st grade will be in the classrooms in the Main Building, and children from 2nd grade - 5th grade will be in the classroom in the South Building for an age appropriate time of worship and learning.

What about my older children? Older children (Grades 5+) remain in the worship service. While we understand that some material may be “over their heads,” we believe their long-term growth as a disciple of Jesus is aided by remaining in the worship service for the following reasons:

  • Children 9+ are developmentally able to understand complex and abstract ideas.
  • It allows them to be challenged by and encouraged to grow into greater levels of maturity.
  • It allows them to observe their parents and other adults as they engage in worship.
  • It invites them to interact with their parents about what they understood or might need more clarification on.