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Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Immanuel Church is seeking to fill a new staff position for our growing church family that reflects our commitment to disciple the children and teenagers in our church and to reach the children, teens, and their families in our communities.

Job Description


The Director of Children and Youth will oversee and provide visionary leadership to the ministry to children from birth through high school. The position will focus both on a holistic discipleship process and outreach to the community (Matt. 28:19-20). As a paid staff position, the Director of Children and Youth Ministries will be under the supervision of the Senior Pastor of Immanuel Church.

Purpose: Discipleship, Outreach, Safety, Parental Support

The Director of Children and Youth Ministry will focus on each of these 4 areas within both the Immanuelkids (birth-Gr. 5) and Ignite (Gr. 6-12) programs.

The discipleship process should involve a systematic program covering an understanding of scripture and biblical truths (birth – gr.5) and theological truths and life application (gr. 6-12).

Outreach is essential for two reasons:

1.     Young parents often seek to reengage in church life for the sake of their children. This period represents an opportunity to reach the child and parents.

2.     The most fruitful time to evangelize a person is before the age of 18. 

For these reasons, the Director of Children and Youth should seek outreach opportunities to both (1) reach into the community (i.e. Sports camps, Back to School Backpack programs) and to (2) draw the community into the life of the church (i.e. VBS). 

Believing that the home is the primary place of discipleship and parents the most important discipler of a child, the Director of Children and Youth should see their ministry as a role of parental support and should seek to come alongside, support, and communicate with them regularly concerning the discipleship of their child.

The Director of Children and Youth should place the security of children as a highest priority. Anyone working with children must have gone through a background check. At no time should any leader/volunteer (irrespective of age) be alone with a child behind a closed door.


The ideal candidate should:

·       Give evidence of personal spiritual maturity

·       Have visionary leadership

·       Be motivated and a self-starter

·       Be humble, gracious, peaceable, and patient

·       Have good and varied communication skills with parents, children, teens, and volunteers.

·       Have the heart of both a discipler and a missionary

·       Be able to enlist, equip, oversee, and delegate to volunteers

·       Be able to manage the budget of the children and youth ministries

·       Have 3+ years of experience in childhood education, development, or discipleship; OR have a seminary degree.

The Director of Children and Youth Ministry is a staff position that requires an average of 20 hours per week.

Interested individuals should email a resume, personal statement of faith, and a philosophy of ministry to Pastor Brad Guenther (brad@immanuel-ny.com).

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Volunteer Opportunities in ImmanuelKids

Our Immanuelkids program is in need of people to serve one Sunday per month during the 10:30am service in the following areas:

  • Nursery workers
  • Classroom teachers (members)
  • Classroom assistants

Please help us continue to serve our children and families. For more information, please email immanuelkids@immanuel-ny.com.

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Community Group Hosts and Teachers Needed

Community Groups are the heart of our church. They are an opportunity to encourage and grow with other members of your faith family. Community Groups meet throughout the week at the church and in homes. Most groups last for an hour and a half and consist of fellowship, prayer, and interactive Bible study.

Have you thought about facilitating a Community Group, or hosting a group, or both?

We would love to see little Immanuel Community Groups all over our region. If you have any questions or are interested in facilitating or hosting a group in your home, please contact Scott Bieg at scott@immanuel-ny.com.