The Holiness of God

Of all the great truths in the Bible that our finite minds fail to comprehend, is there any higher than the holiness of God? Whatever we may say of the perfection, beauty, awesomeness, and power of His holiness, it is woefully inadequate. Moses could only see His glorious holiness as God passed by. Isaiah was shielded by smoke. Yet both were undone by even the muted vision of the holiness of God.

In your prayers this morning, spend a few minutes meditating on the holiness of God. Do this daily and you will find your love of sin and lesser things than God greatly diminished.

You may struggle in this psalm to read David’s request that God destroy those whose mouths are full of lies; or that God would cause those who rebel against Him to bear the weight of their guilt. Shouldn’t we pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness? In the short term, yes; but in the long term, no.

Here’s why: David prays that God would protect those who take refuge in Him so that “those who love your name may exult (praise) you.” Those who trust in God for their salvation uphold the holiness of God as they affirm their inability to trust in themselves. We magnify His holiness when we affirm that our only hope of the joy of His presence is through taking refuge in HIm.

If we think we might stand in God’s presence because we are not as sinful as some, we have no understanding of the holiness of God. David says plainly in v 4-5:

Psalm 5:4–5 (ESV) — 4 For you are not a God who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with you. 5 The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers.

In order to think we can earn our way into God’s presence through human goodness is to lower the holiness of God. This is why we should pray that God would ultimately judge the sinner still in rebellion. God is fundamentally holy. If He did not judge sin and the unrepentant rebel, He would deny His holiness. God’s holiness is the greatest good. Whatever seeks it is our highest expression in life, in thought, and in worship.

As you meditate today on the holiness of God, you will discover a deepening of your joy as you marvel at the grace God has shown you as a sinner deserving of wrath, but covered in the righteousness of Christ. Only from an utterly holy God can grace be utterly joyous.