Prayer is the missing ingredient

In my distress, God graciously hears and relieves my heart. In my shame, God turns my heart to weighty words and truth. In my silent anger, God opens my heart before me that I may be kept from sin. In my trusting in Him, God calls me to make this day a living sacrifice to Him. In my desire for good, I am reminded to look to the Lord who is the giver of all good things. In my search for happiness, I find deep joy in Him. In my insecurity, I find peace and rest in the care of His sovereign and loving hand.

I find all this in prayer. God has set me apart for Himself. He is ready and desiring to hear from me. He is looking to provide for me all that I need, because I am His.

If you and I are not experiencing relief, honor, deliverance from anger, direction for living, good, joy, and peace, the missing ingredient is certainly prayer. Know that God hears you when you pray, even if it may at times not seem so, and is doing all these things in Himself for us.

Pray. Pray long prayers. Pray short prayers. Pray when you wake up. Pray when you lie down. Pray throughout your day. Pray without ceasing. The Lord hears when you call to Him.