March 11

Is God For You?

To hear some tell it, God is your biggest fan. He is looking down from Heaven desperate for your love and acceptance. If you want something and think it will make you happy, then God wants to give it to you.

An interesting thing happens in 5:13-15 when Joshua crosses over the Jordan and prepares to attack Jericho. He sees a heavenly man, sword drawn. Joshua asks, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” The heavenly warrior says, “Neither, I command the Lord’s army.” The point is obvious: “The question, Joshua, is not am I for you, but are you for God?”

When God sends the people into Jericho, He tells them the city and all in them are devoted to destruction. God is at total warfare with the Canaanites because of their great wickedness against God. God’s wrath on the cities of Canaan should be understood as a precursor to the wrath God will pour out in the Last Days against those who have sinned against Him. Achan sins by joining in; by choosing to oppose the will of God because he loved the things devoted to destruction. He, his family, and all of Israel paid the price.

The answer to the question, is that God is first and foremost for His glory. He loves you because love flows from the very center of His nature, but it flows along with His holiness and these two rivers flow in unison.

So, the question for us is, am I for God? Am I willing to turn my back on the things He has labeled as evil, rebellious and devoted for destruction? Am I willing to be strong and courageous, moving boldly in the direction of His will? What do you have hidden, buried down deep, in the tent of your heart that God has said is devoted for destruction?