March 13

What should be the goal of our old age?

There is nothing wrong, and a lot right, with retirement planning. As we age, many of us will need to slow our efforts. If we are wise, we begin such planning in our 30-40s.

Many of us, however, have a goal for retirement that consists of a sunshine state, a La-Z Boy, a fishing boat, or a golf course. The economy is keeping the dream from becoming a reality, but the dream is there and we feel we are being robbed of something we deserve.

How different our dream is from the biblical example of men like Caleb. As a young man, he, Joshua and 10 faithless men spied out the very land they now inhabited. With Joshua, Caleb had declared that God was able to give the people and their land to His people. Since then, he has faithfully served God off the scene and out of the spotlight. It would seem even Joshua had forgotten Caleb, since Caleb had to go to him to request the land that Moses had promised him.

Caleb’s request comes not with complaint, but with declaration of God’s faithfulness (14:10-11) and confidence in His future faithfulness to him. (11:12) Despite being 85 years of age, Caleb was not looking to step off the front lines and enjoy the fruit of 45 years of service, he is looking to advance into new areas and take on big challenges.

As you enter, or prepare to enter, your twilight years, are your goals for continued faithfulness or for reward for past faithfulness? As Christians, our reward comes not in the latter years of this life, but in eternal life.