On Approaching the King

I have never met a King.  I did however become a resident Royal Wedding expert a few years back. We threw a party, and at 3am flipped on the proceedings and watched as an entire country rejoiced at the joining of Will and Kate.  All attention was directed to that one wedding, and coupled most of the Britain’s tax dollars, it was a glorious spectacle.  This was all because there was one, and after the wedding two to be revered.

Thinking about a King, think now about being a young girl who has just been chosen to be in the King’s court, you’d be nervous right?  Esther found strength in this challenge though, but in a humble manner.  Her resolve was firm, and her direction was clear, even directing her adopted father to conduct a fast on her behalf at the end of Chapter 4.  This was to prepare her for what she would do in Chapter 5.

Esther dons her royal wear, and at risk of being thrown out or even killed, enters the Kings chambers and asks for Haman, the enemy, to join her and the King for a meal the next day.  The king receives her request, and more so, even offering to turn half of his kingdom over to Esther.  But, her request is clear, and selfless.

The next day Haman enters the King’s court much like Esther to speak with the King and the king asks him what should be done with a man who has pleased the king.  Haman, thinking the king was speaking of himself, listed many elaborate gifts only to receive them, and then was forced to dress Mordecai in them.  This drove Haman mad, and he constructed a gallows for Mordecai to get him hung.  That too goes backwards on him, and on the same gallows he meant to kill Mordecai on, he is executed.

What can we learn from all of this?  We are called to approach the throne with confidence, Heb 4:6, much like both Esther and and Haman do.  They both had in mind what they needed from the king, but their results are drastically different. You see, Esther knew what Isaiah also knew in Isaiah 6.  Esther, like Isaiah, approached the throne with the fear of the King in mind, and with his worth in high regard.  We cannot be afraid to go to our Father with our requests, we are commanded much the opposite.  Yet, when we do approach the throne, whether in prayer or in our time in the Word, we should be reverent and humble knowing that the almighty God of the Universe loves us enough to give us the entirety of His attention, even though we’ve never earned it.  Praise Jesus for dying for us and giving us the opportunity to approach the throne with our debts paid.

~ Kramer Farney